Star Trek: Starfleet Command

Strategy 1999 Windows Interplay Galactic War Space combat

Another Star Trek game

The Star Trek franchise is an empire. There is not a character that doesnt have its mannequin, there are tons of movies, you can get Star Trek shirts, mugs, you can even decorate your whole home as a star ship deck. So it's only natural to make note one, but several Star Trek games, such as Star Trek: Starfleet Command fan wanted to be a captain of a starship, be a part of the fabled crew, shoot a laser and fire torpeedos at enemies. Star Trek: Starfleet Command lets you have all of those things. You can choose between playing a campaign, single mission or multiplayer. You start your game as a cadet who gets his command of a starship. You slowly progress from controlling space shuttles and smaller warships to a big, full scale starship. This game concentrates on controlling starships and battling other starships. It is more than just getting your ship and destroying the other, you have to use strategy thinking to decide when is the right time to attack and where the other ship is most vulnerable. The game is 2D, so don't expect anything spectacular with the graphics. The soundtrack of the game is the typical epic Star Trek music, a lot of trumpets and strings combined into a battle march song. That said, Starfleet command is just one in the franchise, no better or worse than the rest of them.

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