Missing on Lost Island

Adventure 2000 Windows Bohemia Interactive Third Person Humorous

Very beautiful and adventurous

Released in 2000, the game is sort of a homage to old point and click adventure games (like the Monkey Island series) that were so popular in the early and mid nineties. The plot is very interesting and quite intriguing - you and your lady friend Diana are shot by some mysterious pirate and disappear from the face of the Earth, only for you reappear again in an uknown place, naked as a little baby. After you get something to put on, you embark on a beautiful adventure to find out where your sweerheart is and to get out of this God forsaken weird place. The puzzles vary from the ridiculous and humorous to quite challenging and serious. What is great is that the game oozes with that wacky, humorous and goofy atmoshpere from cartoons and that is the reason why this game should be presented firstly to preteen children. The game is a whole lot of fun, with beautiful graphics rich with colors and really realistic and dynamic animation. The whole game is very fast paced and, unfortunately, it will be over much to quickly. But it's very fun while it lasts!

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