Larry Vales: Traffic Division

Adventure 2000 Windows Third Person Humorous

Humorous enough adventure but no classic

Although the basic premise might not sound like the most enticing idea for a game (traffic cop, really?), Traffic Division is actually a highly amusing and entertaining little experience that is perfect for puzzle and adventure fans. Larry Vales is a traffic officer in the small town of Stagnant, Tennessee, and while this isn't usually the most exciting of jobs, the fact that a new cyborg enforcement officer has gone slightly mad and started sentencing offenders to death for even the smallest violations, just made things more interesting. It falls to Larry to step in and save the day and this translates in gameplay turns into a fairly traditional point-and click adventure, similar to the Discworld games or Zak McKracken, with players required to explore the town, solving puzzles and interacting with the various characters as they go. Now, at first glance, many players will be tempted to avoid this like the plague, given its undeniably crude graphics. However, while Larry Vales is no classic, it is entertaining enough, thanks to its occasionally witty dialogue, snappy jokes and Larry's own clever observations (although the humour may be a bit toilet-based for some). Puzzles-wise, the game is on the easy side, making this something of a short experience, but while it lasts, it is a fun ride. There are copious amounts of pop culture references to spot, which adds to the appeal, and after a while even the graphics don't seem too bad, and instead prove quite appealing in a bizarre sort of way. Although not a must-play, this is a decent enough adventure for those in the right frame of mind.

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