Night of the Hermit

Adventure 2001 Windows Third Person Humorous

An adventure set in Guybrush Threepwood's world!

Fans missed Guybrush and his Monkey Island world a lot, which was motive enough for them to invest in time, assets and a common mindset so as to get to produce this game, set in that world, and a game that build on top of the lessons learned from that universe. Thus, what Night of the Hermit attempts to do is bridge that gap. However, unlike many of the other games out there set in the Monkey universe, the developers acknowledged that they might not be as skilled as Ron and the rest in writing a game where Guybrush would feel as welcomed, and so, what they did was create a new protagonist. But, even with our main hero nowhere to be found, the game is still highly playable, highly diverse and has a story to tell which both globally as in terms of details is nice enough. The character here, Herman, will find a message in a bottle (guess form whom it is!) and he has to set out to recover a mansion (guess what Mansion that might be!). As fan games go, this sure earns its right to be downloaded and played. It's got beautiful moments of paying homage as well as original ideas and crazy ideas too. Which is why it deserves to be on your hard drive.

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