Mission: Impossible

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Konami Platformer Puzzle based

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Be a spy in this simple adventure/puzzle game

When I first tried this game I thought it was some recreation of some old, forgotten arcade game. It has all the features of such a game. It is simple to learn yet it quickly becomes quite engaging and difficult, it requires both strategy and quick thinking and the theme, spying without being recognized is quite interesting. But, gameplay wise this is very similar to oldschool arcade classics such as King Kong, asking of you to time your fumbling around and to take the right decisions at the right time. There are also some puzzles, or, rather situations that have to be overcome in very specific ways, so, it would be better to say that the game creates puzzles in a very arcadey manner. But, ultimately, the game is a series of increasingly difficult scenarios with the same objective. So, a good advice is to keep yourself attentive, as this is not one of these games that you can play mindlessly, nope, it asks of you to pay attention and to never let yourself stray, unless you want to reload. But, as a mental exercise and an exercise in timing and quick thinking it can be a very nice game, for those times when you are really looking for a game that will test your awareness.

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