Baron Baldric: A Grave Overture

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Manaccom Platformer Puzzle based

Overlooked Apogee platformer with a really unique feel

I personally found the adventure of Baldric extremely enjoyable, but I am a big fan of Apogee's games. I'm always excited to discover new games produced or released by them This shareware is no different: it has a uniquely delicious story, and an oldschool flavor that is really a hit or miss, I would assume. Most of the adventuring will be done in interior spaces, where the green clothed Baldric is set to either find a key, some food or some other item, while making sure to avoid being hit by adversaries. He is by no means your typical Prince Charming of a game protagonist, he's a fatty older thief that has a hunger for exploration, of course, not for its own sake, but to uncover treasures. There is more to the story, of course, but for the most part your immediate goals are much simpler and much less intricate. So, if you like Apogee classics such as Crystal Caves or the likes of Duke Nukem, this game here will share some of the love of exploration that these other ones inspired while being its own unique creation, looks wise and world design wise. I personally am a big fan of it!

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