Action 1991 Dos Soggybread Software Platformer Puzzle based

Sidescroller platformer of lovely simplicity

Shareware style from the very beginning to the end, this sidescroller platformer with an action puzzle edge is both a showcase of the beauty of the early shareware scene, as it is a representation of what made these games less attractive. Thus, F.Godmom asks you to retrieve keys, asks you to go about picking gems and puts you in quite a few hairy situations, not the least the ones where you have to avoid cute but fearless enemies. Graphically, the game uses black backgrounds and bricks with a brick visual motif! Not too original, sure, but it works well, it doesn't let you down and it demonstrates that simplicity, at times, is the best way to go about. Sure, with each new level, a new layout is presented to you, but rest assured, nothing too challenging or to that end, original will come your way. In total there are maybe 4 or 5 different monsters, but the layouts of the mini dungeons are indeed as different as they could be made. So, yeah, if you want a true blood sidescroller of the DOS shareware era, you can't go wrong with this one. And a good alternative, with better graphics, can be Horror Zombies form the Crypt, which you should also download.

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