Might and Magic: Swords of Xeen

RPG 1995 Dos Dosbox New World Computing Fantasy First person Dungeons and Dragons Medieval

A great of the early days of Might and magic FPS RPG

If you want to find out what truly epic first person Golden Box style RPGs in their heyday were like, Might and Magic: Swords of Xeen is as good a bet as few other games are. This is an RPG that plays in first person, allows you to be the master of a group of explorers that can count up to 5 extra NPC brothers (and sisters!) plus you. There is warmongering of the sword kind, of the spell and fire ball kind, there are traps, there is an evil wizard that needs be banished, you know, all the good stuff! Give it a try, but, for added pleasure, see the entire series in order; The best way to experience the series is by sinking into the Might and Magic Six Pack, a package that packs the entire roaster of Might and Magic titles. Yes, it really works great, it has that obvious oldschool vibe, but the game is totally well put together. Sure, don't expect a breeze; reading of manuals and having a walkthrough at hand is absolutely necessary, especially if similar experiences haven't really been a staple of your growing up and gaming. I'd say, in the grand scheme of Might and Magic gaming, this is a solid, yet not utterly great game, but a gear in the system that holds its own quite well. Try it out!

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