Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

RPG 1998 Windows New World Computing Fantasy Myth and legend Role playing

I smight you with my spells, you demon!

Mandate of Heaven is the sixth installment of a series of great role playing games from 3DO, the makers of the great fantasy strategy game Heroes of Might and Magic, and it is interesting to know that this is the first game to take place in a world that is related to the former mentioned game, precisely, HOMM II. The game can easily be compared to other finest RPG games of that time by its quality and awesomeness, and has a fantastic, non linear gameplay with a beautiful and highly detailed world setting and friendly interface. Much like in the other Might and Magic games, you control 4 adventurers and guide them in the task of saving the land of Enroth, all the while raising their character stats. The non-linear gameplay allows you to roam freely across the lands, battling enemies in both real time and turn based settings. The game carries on the fantastic fantasy atmosphere from the other games and is, in all ways possible, a fantastic sequel of the series. The graphics are very nice, although a bit lacking in quality compared to other games from that era. But this is one of those cases when that doesn't matter, since the sheer quality of the game itself shines over any disadvantage the game has. If you love great RPG's like Morrowind, this will be a great game for you.

Too many choices to make

I have played this game for hours and still not beat it but there are so many different things you can do and things you can kill. the graphics may not be that great but if you are an rpg lover then that wont really matter. you go through dungeons complete quests and rescue people to gain money and power. plus you can make it turn based or time based depending on how you like it by just hitting enter. there is also a lot of spells and skills and they have so many different weapons from bows to maces. My only problem with the game was it had too many choices to make when your choosing your characters and there ability's. But overall the game is a great game I gave it 5 stars.

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