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Medieval martial arts and swordplay fighter

Moebius is an interesting game, at least idea wise, a fighting game featuring medieval era fighters and swordsmen. However, the game is pretty abysmal in terms of production value. The animations are sparse, the controls feel disconnected and the graphics, well, they feel like the product of a 10 year old versed enough in Paint... There is a sort of RPG or adventure, if you will, side to the game, in terms of the way you progress from fight to fight, but, nonetheless, Moebius feel like a work in progress. It could have been more than just an experiment had it actually put some effort into the graphics, animations and combo system, which is to say, if the game was actually produced by someone that cared about it. But no, in Moebius, while you get drawn to it, and feel like it could have been more, the production value is just abysmal. But it sort of got me wondering about swordplay and things related to it, so I guess it has a sort of evocative thing, but it, for its sake is not a fun game to play. A better, gameplay wise, alternative, would be Karateka, which, while sparse graphically it's fun and more immediate to play, response wise. So give it a try!

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