Action 1987 Dos Konami Driving Car and action Top down

Rambo style

This is a cool and action packed search and rescue game in the style of Rambo - the Vietnam war is raging, and you are a commando who bursts into enemy territory with his jeep, starts shooting around, blowing things up, all to find his friends and get them home (and if he blows them up while doing it, well, so what?). The gameplay is pretty simple - you drive the jeep over enemy territory, and blow up tanks, buildings, enemy soldiers, all trying to shoot back at you, and find the buildings where your soldiers are captured. You drive in like a maniac, a little "HELP" is written on the screen and you take them for a ride. Repeat process until everyone is saved. While nothing new to the genre, the game still delivers in the means of providing a huge amount of fun and action. As simple as they are, the graphics, viewed from a top down perspective, are still clear and good enough for you to see what's what and where. The game's music is very upbeat and dynamic, and after a while you start feeling like Rambo yourself. The game is nothing new, but is still fun as hell and I thoroughly recommend it.

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