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Minimalist Karateka like; playable but so contained...

Ninja is a very small game, one that doesn't really offer you a lot in terms of content. Nope, it's a game that is almost like a proof of concept kind of a thing, and not much else. The fighters are entirely one-dimensional color wise, and the playing field is just this green space with stripes. But, for what it's worth it works. It's got an already mapped set of controls, and it doesn't seem to have any other way of reshuffling the way these controls are mapped, unless you are someone that looks to modify the code! At any rate, see Karateka if you like this one, it's like an expanded version of this mid 80s game, with a lot more content, a more serious array of moves, with much more developed interactivity scheme overall, as well as a much better overall construction. Ninja only scrapes the surface of the game, does a good job of it, but it's never trying to accomplish more than that – it's just content to have the bare minimum of everything, to be functional! You won't lose much if you don't give it a try!

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