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Simulation of the Italian Scopa card game

Less known worldwide, Scopa is a hands-on simulation of the eponymous real world card game . The game utilizes the classical 40 cards deck and it can be played by pairs of 3, 5 or 6 players. The simulation can be played by the same number of players as well, with the AI or with your friends by taking turns. The game, if translated means broom, or to broom. This in turn is represented in game by the mechanic of sweeping all the cards laid on the table. The game can also be played in pairs or everyone for themselves, so adding a team tactics model to the video game is also captured. The players play counter clock, and they have the option of taking cards from the table or placing them there. The challenge is to take all the cards on the table, by capturing or by matching the card on the table. Anyway, the video game - Scopa (1999) does a good job of demonstrating the rules, so if you want to learn how to play, you can also use it as a good tutorial for this purpose. For a different AI or for a different feel the other 2 games in the series can be given a go – with the immediate predecessor – Scopa 1997 being just as nice graphically as this one. Indeed, the game has a lot more depth to it when played against real players, but, for the purpose of learning the game rules, the video game can be just as great.

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