Monster Math

Puzzle 1983 Dos Dosbox IBM Education Math or logic

Monsters go away if you answer math questions...correctly!

In Monster Math your goal is to answer the questions that you get asked correctly, and in doing so you are going to have to answer algebra, calculus and other assorted math questions, questions that will see you quite well educated in math, and, especially, in the common types of math equations and calculations that everyone of us should be able to perform without issues. Graphically, however, Monster Math is not too much of a feast, it is a game that offers you enough within a simple, DOS like, Spartan 2D graphics ensemble, with the monsters that you wish away looking very childishly. Yet, for all intents and purposes, since the game is unquestionably for kids, you are going to find this a very satisfying experience. Much more, what you are going to get out of it is a very nice and satisfying set of math concepts that have applicability in everyday life, which is definitely a great thing to have. Alternatively, have one of the Super Solvers titles around, perhaps one dedicated to math!

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