Merlin Math

Puzzle 1992 Dos Europress Education Math or logic

Learn algebra with Merlin, the mighty wizard!

Merlin's Math is a math edutainment game, pretty well done, with cool math questions. Right from the start it's worth noting that the game was a promotional product, delivered with Penguin milk chocolates, and thus it is rather lite. Still, even if not for the turn back in time, it still is worth looking into, if you want to offer your kid something to sharpen his/her math skills. The problems are delivered in colorful slides, with cool cartoon characters around, and, generally, with a nice, relaxed tone to it all. Thus, even if a freeware delivered to sell chocolates, Merlin's Math kind of makes up for it with simple yet competent game design and not that hard questions. So, clearly for kids, yet some of the more complex math problems can even give pause to a twenty something, so, you know, it can teach even older people a little bit of math! So, have it in your collection. It won't replace your favorite Super Solvers game, but it will offer you a good distraction, plus some much needed math!

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