Mega Math

Puzzle 1992 Dos Jeff Tunnell Productions Education Cartoon Math or logic

Last in the Turbo learning series, dedicated to math

If you had complaints that your math teacher was too severe with you, then just you wait until you meet the crazy professor character that is going to administer math puzzles in this one! Graphically, the game looks like it's been taken out of some pulp, semi-scary graphical novel, or some cartoon strip. It's a great style, and within it, the puzzles, all about math and geometry can be quite fun at times, but, for me at lest they were a bit on the easier side. That was to be expected, because, graphically and through the matter at hand, the game wears its for-kids label all over itself. There are basically 3 puzzles in there, one with shapes, another one with algebra and another one with equations. It's great, it's got a cartoon style appeal that a game such as Super Solvers: Outnumbered couldn't really aspire to, and for kids and adolescents who still like cartoons it can be a great retro edutainment title. Just don't be scared of the mad scientist teacher in his lab coat. He's a good guy, really!

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