Super Solvers Mission: T.H.I.N.K.

Puzzle 1999 Windows The Learning Company Humorous Math or logic

Another great game of the educational series

This game is a part of the Super Solvers series of educational games by developer The Learning Company (like Treasure Cove), who concentrates solely on those kinds of games. In this game, the kids will have to once again defeat the evil Mory Maxwell, who has taken over the Game factory and the only way to take it back is to go through the factory itself and find pieces of puzzles to solve. Instead concentrating on just one area, this game tests the kids in a variety of subjects, from math to science to 3D imagination. There is also a mini strategy game to solve that will probably take a while for them. The game is perfect in its mission to give kids a challenge and test their brains a bit while giving them a great time. Adults will probably want to play this game too, for the sheer fun it provides and there is even an increase in difficulty if they wish to test their knowledge. Like in the past games, it has phenomenal and rich graphics with bright and beautiful colors. The game is a must have for any kid willing to learn through play and parent will be more than happy with the job it's doing. Thumbs up!

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