Action 1998 Windows Rage Software Science Fiction 3D action adventure Shooter Adventure Sci fi

Brain off, action on!

Expendable is just like Duke Nukem with powered graphics, only even more violent. The plot is minimalistic - you and your friend (in case you decide to play 2 player game) are genetically enhanced super soldiers designed to kill aliens that are in control of the whole galaxy (and blow up anything else in the way, too). In this game, there is no blood and gore, so it's okay for kids. In any case, no matter what it is - boxes, people, cars, just shoot the hell out of it. There is little else in the game to do. You can pick up power ups and upgrades for your weapons and get to kill bosses at the end of the level. The game itself is pleasant to the eye, with great and dynamic graphics and since it's an old game, you don't need any special hardware to run it. The music though, is pretty lame. It's a repeating and boring techno song that makes no difference in the overall experience of the game. You don't have to think to play this game. You just go around and shoot stuff. If that's exactly what you want, then this is the perfect for you. Also, I find this game perfect when I'm in the angry and destructive mode and it helps me fuel down the rage. All in all, a decent shoot 'em up game, but nothing more than that.

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