Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time

Adventure 1994 Windows Panasonic Interactive Humorous Puzzle based

Lose yourself in a madness of colours and strange objects

Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time is an adventure game developed by 7th Level and published in 1994 by Panasonic Interactive. You have to solve the secret to Intergalactic Success, and the gameplay mostly contains videos and sketches from the Monty Python television show. Beside the presented jokes, there are some mazes and puzzles that need to be completed. The game starts with an introduction, and after that a screen appears, showing a head with 6 brain lobes. You begin from the Loonatorium, and your task is to solve each lobe in a particular order, all this to find the hidden maze and the Secret to Intergalactic Success. As you progress, the levels and objectives become harder and harder. Everything in the screen and interface is well-done and well-integrated, especially the animations, the style is pythonesque, and the graphical representation has the design of a cardboard. All elements that appear on the screen are clear, they combine together in a chaotic manner, and whenever you click on something on the background you create an entertaining chain reaction. As a conclusion, this game recreates perfectly the times when Monty Python's episodes were aired, making you feel like you are actually watching the original and interactive TV show. Play it, in order to lose yoursef in a madness of colours and strange objects!

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