The Holy Grail

Adventure 1984 Dos Hayden Software Myth and legend

Primitive in controls but a cool retrieve the Grail story

The Holy Grail is a parser text adventure, that sets you on a journey, as if you were the mighty Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth, the well done fan made adventure. Sure, enough, The Holy Grail loses a lot in terms of technical presentation. You can barely type in anything other than the preordered commands that the developers put in, and even then, I'm afraid, the game doesn't seem to have the internal logic or the ordering of sequences that would best make sense. Sure enough, the game won't ask you to participate in too difficult a bunch of tests and tasks, which, fortunately is pretty well for this one, but nonetheless, if you ca disregard the parser problems, you'll find the game to be pretty alright. Sure, it sure could have been much better, and maybe, a few additional visual cues here and there would have been well deserved, but, well, there's no reason to cry over spilled milk. So, if you're not an avid text based fan, better avoid it. Download the Indi game I've linked to above and you'll be more satisfied.

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