Spy Fox 2: Some Assembly Required

Adventure 1999 Windows Humongous Entertainment Humorous Cartoon Puzzle based Casual

Spy Fox is back!

Kids' hero Spy Fox has turned up in a few games, including Dry Cereal and Cheese Chase, most of which are surprisingly entertaining experiences. They mix puzzles and adventuring to generally decent effect and this entry lives up to the impressive standards of the original, making it a good choice for junior adventurers. taking its cues from James Bond, the story here finds our suave hero Spy Fox called in to stop another dastardly plan by SMELLY, but fortunately he's got help from an extensive range of colorful characters, including Professor Quack and Walter Wireless. The game itself is a sort of point-and-click adventure, where you'll explore a number of lush hand drawn environments, searching for clues and solving puzzles to help you progress. In a neat twist, there are two main routes through the game, but each time you play, the puzzles from both routes are mixed up, while there are also plenty of cool gadgets, mini-games, a few different endings and other such elements to discover. If you do have kids from 5 to 10, then this is a near perfect game for them to play. It's got an entertaining storyline, with some great characters to meet and who prove pretty memorable. The visuals are lovely, with some cracking character and environmental design, and slick animation. The puzzles are entertaining and satisfying to solve, with a good amount of variety, while the way they are mixed up also adds in some replay value. The minigames add even more interest, and overall, this makes for a fine addition to any young gamer's collection.

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