Moonshine Racers

Racing 1991 Dos Dosbox Millennium Interactive Arcade style Driving

Fun but simple arcade racer

For a whacky, less-than-serious approach to racing, gamers could do worse than investigating Moonshine Racers, which offers fun driving action and a humorous storyline. The game's tone is set right from the start, as you are introduced to Ike and Billy Joe, two good 'ole boys who just happen to run moonshine for Old Man Tucker and who have an aversion to the law. Your basic task is to make deliveries while avoiding the Sheriff Fat Sam's men and any other obstacles that might get in your way. You start out with a basic beat up old truck but once you start making successful deliveries, you can upgrade to better vehicles to allow you to better outwit those pesky cops. As an entertaining diversion, Moonshine Racers is certainly fun for a while, especially if you're in the market for a Street Rod-style arcade racer. The graphics, while showing their age, are full of personality and everything licks along at a fair old pace, with some twisty and bumpy tracks to test your skills. The colours are somewhat drab and the various states you drive through are lacking in detail while sound is minimal and rather crude. Although undeniably simple and lacking in sophistication, Moonshine Racers is an enjoyable, if short-lived bit of fun.

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