Fire and Forget 2

Racing 1990 Dos Dosbox Titus Interactive Futuristic Arcade style Driving

Throttle up and forget!

Fire and Forget 2 is a racer game, an early sprite based graphics racer, the kind that is very much playable and well produced, in the sense that it works. If you want more than just base pedal to the metal racing forward, with the barest minimum of additional challenges you will find that it doesn't really quench that thirst. Nope, this is a game to be played only when you want vanilla racing, when you don't mind quality or diversity as much and when your brand of automotive destruction is not something that is too complicated or complex. Naturally, Fire and Forget 2 is enjoyable, if you have that weeee, speed and destruction, in 1990s clothes outlook. So, yeah, for all intents and purposes a forgettable game, playable within limits, but for certain people it can be a nice ride. For those of us spoiled by games such as Richard Burns Rally or even Ridge Racer, for those that love another type of game build, this one sure won't make a dent, but I for once find that even ugly games can be great in very specific circumstances!

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