Nitro Racers

Racing 1997 Windows 3DO Company Car simulation Driving

High speed 3D racer bent on nitro overuse!

As the name suggests, the gimmick of this simple 3D racer comes in the form of its propensity for using alternative manners of speeding. And the alternative is nitro, using the famed combustion accelerant to propel your vehicle forward even faster and to try to win each race. However, don't expect Nitro Racers to be a deep game in terms of the way it is handled. This is not a simulation, but rather a fast arcade racer that is bent on serving a feel for speed but less so on the accuracy of driving. Also, the game uses a plethora of effects to add to the feel of speed that it offers. The environment shifts and shades according to how fast you move, the depth of field stretching and expansion is also used. However, the game feels rather sparse in the way it depicts the racing locations, the circuits. These locations are mostly simple and lack a lot of detail. So, if you want a more detailed game of the same genre try NFS 2. This one will offer you speed but also a more diverse and more complex range of circuits, which will trick you into playing for a longer stretch of time. If, however, you just want simple straightforward driving, Nitro Racers will deliver the goods, but lower your graphical and design expectations.

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