Roller Blade Racer

Racing 1992 Dos Dosbox Tahoe Software Productions Arcade style Driving

Neat offbeat sports sim

While the idea behind this Paperboy-style racer might seem a bit contrived, and is almost certainly down to the brief 1990s obsession with rollerblading, it is actually quite a slick and enjoyable little game that provides an entertaining diversion. In many ways, the game is reminiscent of the classic skating sim, 720°, and sees players seeking to take part in a roller-blading competition but which first requires them to qualify by achieving a set number of points in a series of obstacle challenges. This sees you hurtling around the city, pulling tricks and stunts off everything you can find while making sure you don't wipe out. A time limit adds to the challenge while there are also several bonus rounds where you can rack up some extra points and the game plays out from an isometric perspective, scrolling diagonally in Zaxxon-style. While not exactly a classic, Roller Blade Racer offers up a fun and distinctly different diversion. The gameplay is a little unusual due to its subject matter and is all the more enjoyable for this fact. The skating feels quite authentic and although it isn't the fastest game in the world, it certainly keeps moving at a good pace and keeps you on your toes with the myriad objects that it throws at you and the multiple routes available. The graphics are quite pleasant, with some varied and well detailed environments that are highly appealing and with nice, chunky sprites that are reasonably well animated. If you're looking for something a little off-beat, this is a great bet and is well worth a play, thanks to its varied gameplay which offers an inventive twist on the racing genre.

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