Worlds of Legend: Son of the Empire

RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Isometric Fantasy

A nice addition to the RPG world

This game is a sequel to the underrated and less popular fantasy game Legend. It's a point and click RPG game with an isometric point of view, quite standard for that time in the gaming history. Son of the Empire takes the original game, assigns it a new plot and adds a lot of cool enhancement to it, without losing its original's touch and sense of adventure and excitement. You start with your character, to which you assign the typical stats, such as strength, dexterity and such, which is typical for an old school RPG. There is a more of everything than from the original - a larger map, a lot more monsters and artifacts, a new and better written plot and more characters. The graphics are more or less the same as the original, and so is the gameplay.If you haven't played the original, you will find yourself a bit puzzled by the game's controls and options, but soon you will figure it all out and have a really good time. Overall, the game is a nice addition to the RPG game world and fans of this sort of game will like it very much. Recommended!

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