War Gods

Action 1997 Windows GT Interactive Beat em up

Rad arcade beat them up inspired by MK

Bad fashion is where War Gods is at, but other than that this is a solid, highly playable arcade beat them up, the likes you probably used to play back in the good old days of the arcade lounges. What it brings in terms of originality is a host of characters that inspired by gods, Egyptian, Norse, Greek and so on, with a limited number of individual moves for each characters. But don't worry. The panoply is rather large enough when it comes to moves that are shared between the characters, and the controls behave promptly. You can play in true vs. fashion with the entire host of characters, while also being able to choose any of the fighters. Some surprises will await on the way, in the campaign mode, as the backstory is pretty cool, a pulp combination of elements that plays with the origin of each player. Also, you can challenge your friends via same screen fights, both in terms of bad fashion as well as button mashing abilities. Alright, this isn't as worse as some other titles in terms of how the controls are mapped out and the combo system works, but it sure could have been a lot better. So, in the end, what it all comes down to is allowing yourself to not be too critical. This is no masterpiece, but is a highly playable and a kitsch styled bit of a mess, but its still worth a go.

Flavour of Mortal Kombat

"War Gods" is a DOS based arcade game. With the flavour of Mortal Kombat game, this has similar entertainment for fighting games lovers. It reminds me my young age when I used to play arcade games with coin. This PC version is very well done, published by the GT Interactive. You have to play with your opponent and in every fight you will have bonus points and like any fighting game of that time here you will get chance to fight with different opponents. The graphics of this game is great and also the sound quality is excellent. This game has an interesting story line. Long ago a space ship crashed on earth and ORE scattered across the world. 10 humans find the ores and turned into war gods - Ahau Kin, Anubis, CY-5, Kabuko Jo, Maximus, Pagan, Tak, Vallah, Voodoo, and Warhead. Each war god has unique style of difference and attack. The game was released in 1997. It has a decent 3D graphics. If you like late 80's street fighter games then this is a perfect game for you.

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