Motor Mash

Racing 1997 Windows Ocean Shoot em up Go Kart Action based

Great fun on Playstation or PC

I played this once on Playstation and it was real fun. Now I am getting the PC version of Motor Mash and I am sure I am going to get the same experience. Motormash is a cartoon racing game which is played from a top down perspective and can be played by up to 4 players by utilizing a multi-tap, something like Micromachines game. The game gives you a lot of options and all of them have been implemented with a lot of details. Play as a single player in the practice mode or get engaged in single player tournaments and knock-out races. The races also involve time trail sequence and action sequences. Various themes have been given to the races in the game and involves jungle theme, inner city theme, artic themes and nightmares. Every theme in the game has a variety of hazards such as oil wells, crossing trains, snowmen, cyclones and killer plants. Your goal in the game is to leave behind opponents so that they can go off screen. The graphics in the game are detailed enough to provide you a good insight of the action. The user interface in the game is good in terms of allowing you exercise the options of the gameplay and switching between modes. The controls are another prime feature as they allow you to go through the twists and turns smoothly. Overall it is a real fun game. 386 Spys can also render you the same degree of fun.

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