Micro Machines V3

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Third in the series, in 3D

Micro Machines V3 is, gameplay wise, similar to Micro Machines the original, but instead of the nice 2D, top down graphics, this one has made the jump into the realm of the 3D graphics. The game is still seen from above, in a sort of isometric looking perspective, but the game looks much better overall. The transitions when you hit a curve, and the speed of the mini vehicles has been increased and the graphics overall, are much more modern, much more impactful. But that feel that you are playing a Micro Machines title is still there. And that means that the action is very cartoonish, that the tracks are as wacky as they ever were, with tracks made on such things as billiards tables, in rooms of houses, on the floor and so on. It's also a much friendlier game for kids, as your vehicle, when it wins, will jump around with excitement. Oh, and a tracks that is based on a chemists table, with you running around on a periodical table has got to put a smile on your face. So, definitely, if you want a top down 3D racer, Micro Machines V3 is a very good option, original and very intense from so many points of view.

The last and best of the Micro Machine series

Personally, I don't like the Micro Machines series because I don't really like racing games that are played from the top down view, and the cars are to small in my opinion and the navigation is kind of tricky. But I still liked the game because it has a lot of tracks that are very original in their design. You can race your little car on a table, pond, over notebooks and rulers and there are household items that are an obstacle in your way and this is what makes this game stand out from other racing games. You also have weapons which you can use to disable other cars from the race, much like the game Wacky Wheels.This game is the last in the Micro Machine game series and is the first to feature 3D graphics and a 8 player multiplayer option, so the game will be even more fun when playing with a team of friends. The game's design is very nice and the 3D graphics is a real improvement from the rest of the series. If you like top down car racing games and if you are already a Micro Machines game fan, then you should definitely try this game out.

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