Megarace 2

Racing 1996 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Futuristic Shoot em up Challenges Action

Futuristic racing 2.0!

Megarace 2, as well as its predecessor MR were really looking forward to creating an immersive arcade racing experience, one that is fast paced, set in futuristic backdrops and as incendiary as possible. So, in order to execute upon that wish, the game forgone trying to create a physics engine that would behave realistically, but they created an experience that was highly enticing and while arcade like still very consistent. Thus this punk racing series was born! This second title picks up the graphics and makes them a lot more modern than the original, and, also, it puts more diversity in the tracks. There's also a trace of cartoonish goodness in this game, but don't worry, that underlining punk attitude in the execution of the game is not undermined by the game's graphical style. So you'll love this if you want a game that, while punk and out of this world, is still a very serious one, geared towards fun packed play sessions. And also, the third title, while an important graphical update, will remain true to the origin of the series, so go ahead and take that for a spin as well.

A fantastic improvement

Made only three years later, this game is on a whole new level from its predecessor, Megarace. The game is much better in almost every aspect - it's got a much better 3D visualization, great animation, high speed and a very realistic gameplay. It now has fantastic and challenging realistic looking tracks with twists, bends, hills and lows. The scenery and the landscapes are also very beautiful with rich texture and extreme detail. The soundtrack has improved greatly since the last game, too. The gameplay is also the same - get to the finish line first before getting blown up by your opponents by out driving them or by also blowing them up, too. What I don't like is the intro of the game. The old host and his hostess are, quite frankly, creepy. Not to mention the bad acting. SO, if we take out that horrific part, we get a much better, much improved, action filled and exciting racing game. I can't wait to see how the third game, Megarace 3, looks and plays like. Good job!

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