Motor Mania

Racing 1988 Dos Motorbike Arcade style

Sidescroller motorcycle racer and stunts arcader

Motor Mania is a very simple, yet, for all its simplicity, quite the game to crawl under your skin; it's got a nice and simple build, with sidescroller mechanics; you control the bike's speed and the lane you're within. When you're in the air, you will find that acceleration and deceleration no longer control your speed but your tilt, and, depending on what you're landing and at what angle, this tilt has to be proper, to dampen your fall. So, yeah, a simple game, but as I said, tremendously exciting, especially if you like looking for motorcycle themed flash games online. It is very DOS like looking, with very few colors and very few additions, but it can record your records so you can always go back to it and try a new go. This is an 88 game that has been replicated galore, in PC games, console games and so on and so forth. It would be a damn shame not to plat one of its first version, which, all things considered, has retained a lot of its playability and appeal. So, without a doubt, try it out. And, to go with it, additionally download International Moto X.

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