Road Wars

Racing 2001 Windows Warcry Corp Shoot em up Car and action

Fine driving/combat game

Anyone looking for some hardcore, full on vehicle-based combat action in the vein of Road Rash or Road Blasters will certainly enjoy this game, offering as it does plenty of visceral thrills. As is typical with this kind of game, plot and narrative go right out the window, with gameplay instead focussing on two main things: fast cars and big guns. Players choose from twelve different characters, each with their own unique vehicles, and then head out on to the track to prove who is the best driver. Various modes are available here, including single races and three different league circuits of increasing difficulty, but the aim is generally the same: be the first driver past the line. However, the way you do this is up to you, whether by fair means or foul, with missiles, gatling guns, oil slicks and mines all available to swing the odds in your favour. The different drivers all have various advantages available to them, like cheaper repair costs or improved handling, which adds in some nice replay value as you find the driver who suits your style best. Leagues take place over eight races and the courses on display here are actually very well designed, with varied environments that are enjoyably twisty and challenging. Visually too Road Wars scores highly, with a good sense of pace, plenty of attractive scenery to distract you and a fair level of detail. Sound and music are suitably exciting and meaty, with engine noises and weapon effects adding much to the high octane feel of the game. As far as driving/combat games go, this is a fine experience, and delivers everything you could hope for in an exciting and enjoyable package.

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