The Ardennes Offensive 2

Strategy 1995 Windows SSG Historical World Wars Top down

Wargame that puts you close and personal into the battlefield

This game takes a very close to the ground approach in the way it considers the wargaming perspectives it sets you into. You will control small squadrons of soldiers and individual tanks or other individual pieces of artillery. Yet, this is still a wargame, as close to the ground as it is, so instead of hoping for an action oriented type of thing, what you will get will be a game that asks you to internalize your moves and treat it like a tactical/strategic challenge. Graphically, having been released in 2003, you can expect a nice level of quality in the graphics. However, surely, The Ardennes Offensive 2 could have received a modicum more polish, here and there, but overall, it is a functional, esthetically pleasing game, that won't disappoint. You might also want to try the older version of it too but a game that does justice to its recipe though a different game from another developer, is Close Combat: Invasion Normandy. The Ardennes Offensive 2 is thus a game that will take you through your paces and test you close to the ground, allowing you a lot of freedom and control over how you manage your troops. So, yeah, it's sure worth a try!

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