Psion Chess

Simulation 1985 Dos Psion Chess

Advanced, superior in terms of gameplay and features

I was amazed at the presentation of this game! Truly, for a game that was released in 85, this one has so much going on for itself. It has a plethora of nice additions, from the multiple windows that you can keep open, to get tips or to verify some tactical or strategies you might want to try or the computer is running with, to the very playable 3D false perspective tables, this game was without a doubt so much ahead of its time at the time of release. Also, the game can play a mean chess hand against you, or you can neuter it's might enough that you get a game that is more or less a good companion for your Chess learning sessions or for some other of your chess related inquiries. Plus, if you want to learn basic to medium difficulty ideas, the game also has many items of advice, coming straight from the developer and chess champion Richard Land, who was the mastermind behind the program. Rarely any other chess simulation this old has also managed to be as good, so, definitely, a look into it is surely worth it. And, as it has always been any of the early Chessmaster titles can be absolutely beautiful to play and also full, just like this one, of additional elements, tutorial or advanced learning material.

Very good AI

It is a very strong chess program. Being programmed in the 80s, it is a strong chess software with DOS interface. If you're looking for a strong chess AI to play against, you will not be disappointed because its strength rating ranges from 1400 to 2500 (with 2400 being grandmaster level). It also allows to save games, load games, and play human vs. human. Great software, much stronger than most modern chess-playing software.

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