Dracula Unleashed

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox ICOM Simulations Myth and legend Horror

I won't play it again

Dracula Unleashed is a game released in 1993 and developed by ICOM Simulations. Its publisher, Viacom, is a leading entertainment company. It uses a full-motion video engine, like most of the games from that era, such as Sherlock Holmes game. This means that the storyline is unfold with cinematic sequences. Your character is Alexander Morris, who came to London to investigate his brother death, who was killed while defeating Dracula. In this game you have to be in certain places at the right times, using your inventory of items as well and choosing the proper objects to complete the tasks. More exactly, you must have the right item before you enter a location or begin a mission. There are high chances you could die in this game, if you don't arrive in time in some locations, or if you don't sleep. For example, if you have to be in a place, and too much time passes, a vampire will bite your neck. Until you reach the end of the game, be prepared, especially to think and to choose properly. To conclude, I will say that Dracula Unleashed is the kind of game that gets old, that you wouldn't want to replay it again. Only the cinematics were the elements that proved the interest of the producers in order to recreate a beautiful setting of London, and not only that.

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