Dracula in London

Adventure 1993 Dos SDJ Enterprises Myth and legend Horror

Original and imaginative board game thrills

If you enjoy slightly unusual games, then this is well worth checking out, offering as it does a sort of computerised board/adventure game that is based on the classic gothic horror of Bram Stoker's Dracula. This version is actually an update of an earlier release and features improved graphics and a few tweaks to the gameplay but which is essentially the same. The basic idea of the game is that players take control of one of six characters and who must each attempt to stop the evil vampire Dracula from claiming more victims. You can either play the game solo, where you control all six characters and must make use of their special abilities, or with friends, where things become a little more competitive. Gameplay revolves around locating Dracula's lairs which are dotted around London and which is achieved by investigating locations and looking for clues. Once you have an area in mind, you must equip your character with various weapons and special items and then hunt him to his resting place. If you fail, there is one last chance of redemption and which involves following Dracula back to Translyvania for a final showdown. The game is certainly intriguing and thanks to its randomly generated nature, provides plenty of replay value. There are various events which crop up to keep you on your toes, like overzealous policeman who arrest you for breaking and entering, while the different abilities of the characters also provide some neat elements of strategy. The graphics are simple enough but are certainly atmospheric and create a strongly gothic mood which is in-keeping with the novel, while the game is equally entertaining whether played alone or with friends. Anyone on the look-out for an original and compelling experience would be well advised to delve into Dracula in London.

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