Mysterious Worlds

Action 1992 Dos Platformer

Dull, dull, dull

With a title like Mysterious worlds, you might expect a thrilling adventure of epic proportions but sadly this little obscurity turns out to be nothing more than a tedious platformer that is almost entirely lacking in interest. It's only real point of interest is its rarity as it is apparently a DOS version of an Amiga game that was given away as a coverdisk so unless you are an avid collector who doesn't really care about quality, there's little reason to bother with this when there are infinitely better platformers to enjoy, from Little Samson to The New Zealand Story. There's probably a story to the game itself but if there is, it's so forgettable as to be barely worth bothering with and if you do actually fire it up, you're greeted with a formulaic adventure which sees your plucky young hero venturing forth through a series of supposedly mysterious worlds, but which about as mysterious and exciting as a trip to the dentist, doing all the sorts of things that platformers usually do but with all the fun sucked out and left to fry in the sun. The visuals are as bland as the level design, with sprites and backdrops that are reasonably done but almost entirely lacking in character or interest, while levels themselves are identikit stuff that we've seen a million times before, only done without any style or imagination. The screen is inexplicably tiny which doesn't help the case for the game and really there is absolutely nothing about Mysterious Worlds which makes it worth playing by anyone other than the most desperate of gamers.

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