Skunny - Save our Pizzas

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Copysoft Platformer

Time traveling adventure for a good cause!

Here's a neat premise and story for this sidescroller adventure game: The evil Chef of Cadiz (oooh, what a baddie name that is!) has stolen something of great worth, of such worth that everything must be put on hold until this issue is resolved; What was stolen?!! Why of course, the recipe to that food that we can't go without, which is, PIZZA! And so Skunny must dust himself off and go back in time, in the times of the Romans, and hopefully manage to retrieve the pizza formula, so that the delicacy can be enjoyed yet again by humanity and the race of humanized rabbits, hehe! Execution wise, Skunny - Save our Pizzas is definitely a medium difficulty sidescroller, though it sure doesn't go crazy medium hard (!), most of the time the adventure is pretty simple so that children can enjoy it without issues. What I also like is the little snippets of history hidden here and there, though, surely, this isn't an edutainment per se, though it has its brush-offs with the genre. So, if a playable, enjoyable sidescroller is what you are looking for this on, Skunny - Save our Pizzas, or some other in the series can definitely fill the spot. So do try them!

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