Troll's Tale

Adventure 1984 Dos Sierra On-Line Myth and legend Graphical IF Fantasy

Did you know Al Lowe did children's games too?!

From none other than Leisure Suit Larry poet(!) Al Lowe comes this verb based adventure, a very family oriented one, fit for children of all ages. This one is not, however, Al's only game that showcases his very extensive array of sensibilities. Nope, Al had also worked on Winnie the Pooh games in the past, and so it figures that he'd be interested in these kinds of creations as well. At any rate, all personal considerations aside, Troll's Tale is a CGA adventure, most of which will take place in cavernous areas, and as the name suggests, the story here is that of a troll. Being a kid's production, it's quite minimalist gameplay wise, with easy, at times almost too easy puzzles, but with a good, funny attitude and with a heartwarming story. It doesn't really hold too good after all this time, mainly because of the traditional verb based interface, but if that can be looked past, the game here can offer you a good time. And besides, looking at the entire of Al Lowe's portfolio is something worth the time for oldschool gamer types.

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