Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Rainbird Graphical IF Mystery

One of the best mystery solving game

It is a mysterious adventure game which involves role playing and puzzle solving elements that have been incorporated with a lot of perfection into the gameplay. The plot in the game is that you have become partner in a firm and have now been given a lush new office and a new BMW. However things are turning out to be quite shady as you are being accused of being a card in an insider deal. Your partner and his secretary are pulling you into the accusation and your wife is also considering you guilty. So you now have to solve the mystery by unfolding what actually happened and who is behind the controversy. The game involves some classical puzzles which are interaction based and are logical. The game is not simply based on moving to a lot of location because it is actually the timing of being at a certain spot which actually makes the difference. So you need to be at the right place at the right place time in order to get some good clues in. The interface in the game is very interactive and the graphics are in alignment with the theme of the game. The gameplay is not real time. However the controls are good and you will love it overall. The game is very much like Mindwheel which is another classic in this genre.

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