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Adventure in the time of Lancelot!

In this game you will play as none other than Lancelot, in the age of the chivalry, and, thus, it already has the basis of an enticing universe. But that is not all that the game is about. Nope, it also contain a really interesting blend of wizardry and other fantasy elements, and so, it is a more immersive experience, especially for those that love high fantasy games. In terms of gameplay Lancelot is a relatively classic adventure, but it also has action portions, truly, delivered adventure game style, and also, it contains portions that work as set pieces of RPG. Not an RPG pureblood though, but a mix of gameplay that works great. Sure enough, you will have to get used to relatively not that extremely polished graphics, as this is a pretty minimalist game that way. But, overall, it works great, it has enough substance and it has that beautiful story weaving reality with fantasy in a uniquely enticing blend. So, yeah, totally worth it, especially if you love other games that explore the same universe, such as Arthur: the Quest for Excalibur with which this game here shares a few of its ideas.

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