Conquests of Camelot

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Myth and legend Graphical IF Role playing Historical

Liked the adventure element and the gameplay

It's an adventure game which also gives you some puzzle elements and is supported by a great and well drafted story based on King Arthur. It's not a surprise that you will be playing the role of King Arthur whose mission is to search out every possible corner for restoring the Holy Grail that will enable him to bring back the lost glory of his empire. Three of his knights have also disappeared mysteriously and he also needs to get them back on his side. The game has a great variety of historical elements and historical anecdotes and features a voice which speaks old English. So the game is excellent and very appealing in terms of the plot. A variety of puzzles have been devised for the purpose of copy protection which makes the game easy but is still very good in catering one's interest. The thing which is found to be quite off color is the quiz that King Arthur needs to go through for progressing in the game. This is not what kings normally do. However the gameplay is great and so are its wonderful graphics which gel with the widespread adventure. Another recommendation from my side for those who like adventure games is Myth Knightmare.

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