NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

Racing 2003 Windows Aspyr Media Formula one Car simulation

For racing games fans with not so many expectations

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season is a game for all the sports fans, that love the fibrillations made by the round racing tracks. This game that follows the 2002 installment comes with an improved graphics and physics engine, and with 23 tracks. For veterans and experts when it comes to complex racing games, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season represents the main test related to the proper settings for every car or circuit. After you choose the Championship or a simple Race, you can start your progress through several steps. Of course, is not mandatory to train, win, or to decrease someone's popularity with your tactics. I liked the fact that I was able to restart all over again when I wanted to, or when I thought I could improve my performance without losing valuable time. As I said, the graphics are improved, but the sound effects aren't that special, the type of sounds that contribute to a better atmosphere on track. I, personally, haven't found many things that stunned me, I played a lot more captivating and better racing games. Nevertheless, I have confidence that NASCAR Racing 2003 Season will entertain those with not so many expectations. Now I can turn my attention back to the real deal when it comes to Formula 1!

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