Nascar Racing 2

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Slick and enjoyable driving action

The original NASCAR Racing was a slick and exciting racer, but which is starting to look somewhat dated now. This first sequel keeps the essential elements that made its predecessor so good but adds in a few new features to keep audiences entertained and provides a suitably thrilling slice of driving action. The basic gamelpay will be familiar to anyone who has played the likes of NASCAR Heat or the more arcade-style Daytona USA and basically requires players to drive super high-powered cars around a challenging series of tracks. This sequel updates the original to include most of the tracks and drivers from the 1996 season, which makes it appealing to history-loving petrol heads, while a garage option allows players to tweak their cars and make adjustments to the suspension, tyres, transmissions and aerodynamics. Perhaps the biggest change here though is the new game engine which improves everything from graphics and sound to physics and multi-player options and which allows for thing like night-time races with authentic weather conditions and realistic damage modelling to be incorporated. If you're in the market for a straightforward but fast-paced racing game, then this is a good bet. The handling of the cars leans towards the realistic side, rather than arcade-style and together with the aggressive AI drivers, this creates a challenging game that will test your skills. The only real downside is that the tracks are slightly lacking in variety and can feel a bit samey, but apart from this, NASCAR Racing 2 is a solid racer. The third game in the series, NASCAR Racing 3, refines things even more and is also worth checking out.

Good all out racing game

The first look of it made me think that it might be another conventional racing simulation but it proved me wrong. This sequel to the original Nascar Racing has to offer more in terms of both the graphics and the options of gameplay. The graphics have been kept more on a realistic theme rather than a gaming theme and they have managed to achieve the purpose quite well if we consider the era in which the game was released. The controls of the cars are so responsive and smooth that you really feel like racing on a professional track. The tracks that have been incorporated in the game are in addition to the original version and there is also a nighttime racing mode which is really exciting. You can either start racing at the very first go or you can practice on the tracks through using practice sessions. The A1 in the game is very competitive and you really need to race your heart out to win. Similarly you can also play the game with your buddies through LAN. The music of the car engines and the background music are also very realistic but the game lags a bit in terms of the variety of cars and tracks.

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