Grand Prix 3 Season 2000

Racing 2001 Windows MicroProse Formula one Car simulation

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Immersive simulation, fast, very enjoyable

Grand Prix 3 Season 2000 looks astonishingly beautiful and lifelike, photorealistic, for a game its age. Yes, if you pause to take a look at the tribunes and at some other visual elements, you'll begin to notice the problems, the lack of more dynamism in the lighting, the lack of a proper dynamic lightning, but this can only affect your enjoyment of it so much. In fact, for me, it was not a problem, it was more of a feature, as the game was cleaner, more streamlined and more beautiful. The issue I had with the game was trying to play it keyboard only, without assists, which is just not doable. Remember, this is a serious, hardcore simulation, so you better have a good controller or better still a steering wheel controller. Other than that there are loads of cars to choose from, a championship mode of play and quick races for those that don't have a lot of time to spare. There's also a section where you can tinker with the car, look for that best suspension to height ratio, or for that aileron setting to give you more drag when you need it. A great F1 game, all the way, fun, but for hardcore simulation fans, for arcade lovers, I'd suggest you play the older Grand Prix Unlimited.

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