Nascar Racing

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Very realistic

Nascar Racing is an old, but very good NASCAR racing game simulation (like NASCAR 2000) that gives a good presentation on how the real live race would look. It features many of the real 1994 NASCAR race season drivers, so you can play as the famous Dale Earnhardt, who won the race that year, among many others. There are 38 cars to choose from on 9 tracks and also an online multiplayer option via LAN. The game has a neat fist person view from the driver's perspective which adds to the experience. What I have to compliment the game on is the realism of true racing and the fact that the player can modify which aspects of the realism can be turned on or off, such as the fact the the can can or can't be indestructible. The graphics are good but not good enough for you to feel like you're really in the game. There is no music, only (rather bad)engine sounds while driving. While graphically and auditory not top notch, the realism of the game and the wide variety of tracks and drivers make this game one of the better car race simulation of its time. Good job!

Greatest racing by Papyrus

Here you are one of greatest racing games ever. Nascar Racing will give you the possibility to race on the most beautiful tracks of Nascar, a typical US race. You will have the possibility to tune your car and race in a kind of oval circuits (typical of Nascar) where you will reach very high speed. This game comes some time after Indycar Racing, another game developed by Papyrus and SVGA gives it a lot more of the previous work.

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