NASCAR Revolution SE

Racing 1999 Windows Electronic Arts Formula one Car simulation Driving

Round and round we go

Your feelings about NASCAR Revolution SE will rather depend on your love of racing round and round in circles for two hundred laps. If this sort of thing appeals to you and you already have NASCAR Racing or NASCAR Legends in your collection, you'll lap this up but if not, it will probably bore you stupid. Officially licensed by NASCAR, the game puts you in the driving seat of a slick stock car and gives you the usual set of options you find in such games. The main focus is on taking to the seventeen different real world courses, including Charlotte and Martinsville, and then simply speeding around for what might feel like hours, with the simple goal of coming in first across the finish line. There are heaps of real life drivers, including a handful of legendary ones, so you can see how you'd fare against them, while you've also got some cool commentary from more authentic figures just to spice things up. Races occur during the day and at night, while you've got to worry about coming in for pit stops to repair any damage, so keep this in mind while you're racing. As far as stock car sims go, this is fairly standard stuff. All the options are there, while the presentation is as slick and authentic as you'd expect from a licensed title. The visuals are decent too, with an appropriate sense of speed and tension, while the controls are easy to pick but remain challenging to master. The game strikes the right blend between realism and entertainment, so if you're a genre fan or curious about it, this is a good one to go for.

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