Warm Up!

Racing 2000 Windows Microids Formula one Car simulation Sport

Cool racing and great tracks

It is an arcade style racing simulation which has some very good features to tag with. The main theme or the focus of the game is on fun and thrill rather than realism and they have really been good in implementing this theme. You have around 22 different racing cars that are very speedy and have of their distinct racing traits which impact on your race. You wll be racing on 17 different tracks at different venues and each venue has some of its own dynamics which provides a distinct racing experience every time you are on track. The venues or the tracks have their distinct designs and curves and the background images are very creative and attractive. You have the campaign mode to play with your computer opponent or you can go for online opponents through network. The game is also very good in terms of the level designs that have their varied dynamics and the controls in the game are perfectly calibrated to do swift racing turns and curves. The camera angle is great and you also have a helmet view which looks very original and thrilling. You can also customize some of the dynamics of your car. There are other great racing games as well and one of them is Grand Prix 3.

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