Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Loriciels Platformer Single screen Puzzle based

A... jumpy platformer!

Bumpy is an animated ball, that bounce around with you at it helm! You have to traverse each sidescrolling level, solve the simple puzzles and avoid the baddies, and then exit to the level to get a new challenge. It's fun enough, it's got the necessary diversity, without being some over the edge worked game; it just manages to do a lot with the little it has got. The graphics are 16 bit styled, and rather simple, just lines and curves mostly, but it's got enough diversity in there to keep the game on rails. Also, each level has some interesting tiles, that can be interacted with, and which change the basic bop and run idea of the game; you have to destroy some of these, but in an orderly fashion, so as to allow yourself the space to go on. It's definitely challenging enough, and, for the most part it's got that childish kind of simplicity that just pushes you to want to see yet another level, and see how it all unfolds. So, overall, Bumpy is sure worth looking into. The perfect contender, for a similar gameplay session is Mappy, which this game emulates in many ways without actually copying it exactly. Bu they're brothers in the bouncing land, without questions.

Puzzle platformer with an interesting game mechanic

In Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy you control a blob whose mission is to collect a set of objects (mainly round pellets) scattered within each level while respecting the rather abstract, though generally simple (and logical) rules created by the platforms and by the properties of each type of wall included within each level. Why the walls, the platforms and the other interactive elements within a level behave the way they do is never fully explained nor does it interests us, instead, what you will be looking to uncover is the way to exploit their properties in order to reach the objects you need to consume and then, when you've reached them all, exit through the newly spawned door. Of course, the less moves it takes the better, and later levels will only allow one single correct trajectory per level, while the first few levels are much more permissive. Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy is therefore a semi abstract, find your trajectory type game, and while it may take a while to figure the rightful combination for some of the level arrangements, you will however find the game quite easy to get, though not lacking in challenge later on. The only problem is the disconnect between the way the scenery affects your trajectory and the way these scenery elements are drawn, their design. The problem is that while the levels are almost 100 percent abstract, your protagonist is not, which can be a bothersome combination for some. However, if you don't demand that a puzzler be visually coherent 100 percent, but rather functional and novel, Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy can play the part for a while, either until the more challenging later levels demand too much of you, or until you lose interest due to visual exhaustion.

Old arcade memories

Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy has the same style of gameplay, with no slight varieties whatsoever and is one of the most dumbest concepts that mankind can come up with. In the game, you play as Bumpy, a face that, well, bounces around. The object of the game is to collect everything that can be collected, except for lives which aren't mandatory to collect. After doing so, an exit portal will appear and by entering it you complete the level. Once you get the hang of it, you'll do the same thing in the later levels as well. Overall, Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy is a boring waste of time and it's not worth playing. If you like games where you bounce, then maybe this game is for you, but don't start complaining about the game.

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