Necromania: Trap of Darkness

Action 2002 Windows Akella Isometric Role playing Adventure

It's a trap!

Diablo II fans would have to be pretty desperate to check out this poor and uninventive clone, so if you are looking for some similarly styled action/RPG entertainment, you're better off with The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. This one is just too derivative and dull to be worthy of your time so steer well clear. In many ways, this actually isn't what it at first appears to be, and to be fair it does offer something at least a little different from most other clones on the market. It's got a very familiar pseudo-medieval/fantasy setting, but it's not very important to the overall experience, and while the actual gameplay also looks similar to other such games, what you've actually got is more akin to a strategy/puzzle game. Your basic goal on each level is to search the many rooms, looking for the various parts of a magic key that will unlock the entrance to the next level, so your adventure can continue. There are four different worlds to explore while there's a good selection of characters to choose from and which make a nice change from the usual heroes. This could have been a perfectly acceptable Diablo clone but unfortunately, the designers had to tinker with things and it ends up being an almost complete disaster. It doesn't get off to a great start, with ugly graphics that would have been bad at the time of release and now just look wretched. The sound is equally as painful while the interface is clunky and awkward and the gameplay design is simply poor. All of this combined make a game which is hard to recommend to anyone.

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